Who owns the images taken by you on a business assignment?

Individual Pixel is assigned copyright at the time of image creation. As part of our business packages we provide a time limited or perpetual worldwide licence for you to use all of the images and video we provide.

This licence includes first and second/subsequent serial rights, Internet publication rights, Intranet publication rights, electronic publication rights, electronic archiving rights, book rights and derived products rights. We will also negotiate syndication rights if you wish to re-sell the images. Most of our business clients find this licence covers everything they need.

If however you want to own the images outright (for example if you want to sell the images to a stock library, publisher or online service as the copyright holder) - then we charge a flat fee of £399 to transfer the copyright to you. This fee covers all of the images in your package.

For additional information regarding our licence and copyright transfer terms, please review the licence and copyright page.

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