This page covers our current licence and copyright transfer terms for event and business photography/video production services. All of our licence and copyright terms are negotiable - please contact us directly if you wish to discuss alternate options.




Under UK law, Individual Pixel is assigned copyright and ownership of images at the point they are captured. As part of your engagement with us, you will be charged for our time (to capture images and/or video and to edit them). Your fees will also include "use" of the images and/or video footage that Individual Pixel creates. This use element is called a license.

As part of our contract for event and business photography and live video production services, Individual Pixel will provide a license for you to use the images after payment of all fees. The license is made up of a license period and a set of license terms.

For licence period, Individual Pixel provides the following options:

  • 1-year licence
  • 3-year licence
  • Perpetual licence

For licence terms, Individual Pixel uses the following components to create a licence:

  • Worldwide (includes UK, EU and US) first and second/subsequent serial rights - a licence to publish worldwide in a ‘serial’ publication - a newspaper, journal or magazine for the first, second and subsequent times.
  • Internet publication right - a licence to publish electronically on the Internet or World-Wide Web (WWW); this is always a worldwide right.
  • Intranet publication right - a licence to publish on an electronic computer-linked system comparable to the Internet but confined to a single company or other defined group.
  • Worldwide (includes UK, EU and US) syndication rights - a licence to re-sell copyright material in a defined area on behalf of the copyright owner. Income from syndication is split between the client and Individual Pixel Photography at agreed rates.
  • Electronic archive right (as part of the original publication) - a licence to store material electronically for the publisher’s reference and archival purposes only, not including copyright or further publication without Individual Pixel Photography specific permission.
  • Worldwide book right - a licence to publish in a (non-serial) book.
  • Derived products - the right to create and sell derived products.

The licence period and terms will be outlined in the package and confirmed in your contract at the time of booking.




We provide a broad use licence with our packages and custom engagements that typically fits the needs of almost all of our event and business clients. The license we provide applies to almost all use cases except for owning and selling the images (as the copyright owner). If you want to own the full copyright to the images (as an individual or entity) then Individual Pixel can provide a transfer of copyright as part of the assignment.

Individual Pixel will transfer copyright and re-tag all images and video with your own copyright and contact information. The following terms are added as part of the copyright transfer:

  • Full copyright (all rights) - all media worldwide in perpetuity.

Copyright transfer costs £299 (events) and £399 (business) and must be added at the time of booking.