New Composite Photography Service

We've been taking pictures of singers and musicians for a while now, capturing images by photographing performances or getting them to pose on locations that match their brand/theme. This approach can sometimes be hit and miss - the lighting at a venue may be bad, the location isn't available or it's difficult getting all of the band in one place at one time. To get around some of these challenges, we started to develop a photography package based around composites.

For those not familiar with composites - its the process (some would say art) of creating a finished image from two or more separate photographs. These days, composites are created by layering images on top of each other and masking out the unwanted pieces or using blending modes in Photoshop. During our development, we found that if you are compositing images - you really need to have a process of photography that takes this into account so that the end image(s) looks natural.

Our new BLEND photography package uses green screen photography and advanced editing to create professional images for branding, messaging, social media, tour posters and more...

We start with a green (sometime white or grey) screen photography session where we take individual images of each person in different poses. This can be in a single session or over a couple of sessions (if for example, the band can't get together at the same time).

After we have captured multiple poses, we move the images into Photoshop to start the composite process. From here we can develop images that fit to almost any needs - creating backgrounds, layering lighting effects and adding text.

Our BLEND package starts from just £279 which includes up to 10 composite images.

Interested? talk to us about creating your composites

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