Creating a showreel from live performances

We are often asked if we can produce showreels or promo videos for bands/singers - especially where they have been part of a festival or concert event where we have been providing the live video production services. Its usually because the bands/singers have decide that gig footage from a mobile phone doesn't project the quality or the brand they need to move to the next level of bookings and they need something more professional to show potential clients.

In a previous post, I showed how we often set up these kinds of events (from a camera placement perspective), so I thought I would share how we can take the footage from a live event and turn it into something that a band/singer could use for online promotion, social media and driving additional bookings.

Often at the end of a festival or big music event, we have lots of footage - possibly up to 1 hour per band in HD or 4K standard (depending on the event requirements). This is much more than we need for a showreel, (we typically aim for 7-10 mins). The way we like to work is to provide the band/singer with their full performance via a low resolution upload to our YouTube channel. This is solely for the purpose of selecting the parts of the performance they want in their showreel. Once we have their selections (around 60-90 seconds per song), we request items such as branding (colours/fonts/logos/images) and contact details (email/phone numbers for info and bookings).

We then set to work editing the showreel - we standardised a few years ago on DiVinci Resolve Studio editing software as it provides a multitude of capabilities (import and manage footage, edit, colour, effects, titles, audio and master) in a single package - the audio processor (Fairlight) is particularly good (often audio from live gigs need significant post processing). Often the band/singer wants a particular style or feel - which we achieve using various techniques including effect overlays and different types of transitions to cut between songs.

Once we complete a version 1 (v1), we upload the file to our YouTube channel again for the band/singer to review - we aim to be 85-90% there in a v1 - as the purpose is to identify any tweaks and changes that we need to roll into a v2 (or final) video.

The final video is then provided in a number of ways - we can host on our YouTube channel for fast distribution by the band/singers social media channels (i.e. Facebook, website), we can upload the file directly to the band/singers YouTube, Vimeo or other video hosting platform and/or we can provide the finished video on USB stick. We typically provide 2 versions of the file as standard (on USB) - a Standard Quality (SQ) version that is social media ready (that means its been rendered for online delivery) and a High Quality (HQ) version that has been rendered to a higher standard so that it can be used through screens, projectors, computer playback at other events/gigs.

We recently completed a quick showreel (that took about 4-5 days) for our good friends Novocaine using their Woodstock at Whitwick 2018 festival footage.

Showreel editing prices start from £139 (if footage is already captured). If you would like us to capture your next live gig (venue permitting), then our GIG Video Package (variable pricing) starts at £399

Interested? talk to us about creating your next showreel

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