Live Video Production for Festivals

We've been doing a number of festivals and outdoor concerts recently, so I thought I would share with you how we go about planning and setting up the live video production elements. These events usually have a stage, lighting, and sound setup by a production company (we work a lot with our good buddies over at Big Rock Promotions), then different bands and performers come on throughout the event.

With these kinds of engagements, there are some things that we know up front like where the drum kit will be, where the overhead lighting bars will be, and where the microphones will be positioned (initially), and there are other things we don't know until it happens, like how the bands will set themselves up on stage, how they move about the space and how the crowd reacts.

Usually we are broadcasting a live program feed to the event location (either to front of stage screens and/or screens positioned throughout the venue), live streaming to online services (like Facebook Live, Livestream or YouTube) and recording the performances for later social media marketing uses - so we need to ensure good camera coverage.
The diagram below shows a typical setup using 4 robotic cameras and 2 fixed view cameras.

We find that this setup gives us a fighting chance of getting good shots (like closeups of guitarists and keyboard players) as well multiple angles for singers, drummers and crowds. We also use automated sliders to give arc and side to side motion. You can see how this setup comes together in the highlights video below:

If you would like us to capture your next live gig or performance (venue permitting), then our GIG Video Package (variable pricing) starts at £419 and our GIG Photography Package (variable pricing) starts at £179. Also check out our blog on Creating a showreel from live performances

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